The Beginning 2014 - ish!

The first event back in 2014 was very much a last minute event, but came about after several years of thought. It finally became a reality when John Fisher Sports and Social club was found as the host. Ridge Radio took on the role of publicising the event, and Fusion Events took control of the organisation of the actual display agreeing to run it at cost. The rest was shared between parties. Despite the wind and rain, the event proved to be a great success! The basis was now set for even better things to come.


2015 Expanded on the success of 2014. A music stage was added with mixed feedback, but with a brilliant show and very successful spooky Halloween theme and even a spooky walk! Our visitors loved it! Fortunately the rain held off this year, and visitor numbers were clearly higher.


2016 saw an even better display, and more attending, but it was clear after this event that there needed to be some behind the scene improvements. Particularly in communication and financial clarity between one of the parties, and the venue/firing team. 2017 would have to be a whole new approach.


2017, Was incredible. Now run independently and raised over £5000 split between John Fisher Youth Football Club and also Warlingham events, who distributed the money to Blanchmans Farm Nature Reserve and Warlingham Village Hall. The restructure was thus a huge success, and the event was far more organised. The main goal to allow the event to be far more professional, transparent and organised was achieved, and for the first time complete clarity about all the events details was seen. Fantastic groundwork was put in place for the 2018 event.
Want to see videos of our previous shows? Check these out!
2014 Show (same as performed in Warlingham)
2015 Show
2016 show
 2017 - Sorry still need to upload that!