This year the proceeds from Warlingham Fireworks are will be shared between The Breck Foundation and the groups supported by the volunteers of Warlingham Events. It goes without saying we are very proud to be doing this, and working very hard indeed to ensure the event is as successful as can be to ensure we can raise as much as possible. Moving to a new venue was a big part of that, and now we aim to raise a lot more than in previous years.


The Breck Foundation

The Breck Foundation was set up in 2014 in response to the tragic murder of Breck Bednar, a 14-year-old Surrey schoolboy who loved science, computing and gaming. No one would have expected Breck to be a victim of grooming; he was an 'A' grade student from a loving family.

Breck and his friends were groomed by a man who ran an internet gaming server. They were told an elaborate web of lies to gain their trust. Despite many attempts to stop her son from contacting the predator, and to alert him to the fact that he was being groomed, Lorin LaFave was unable to prevent her son’s murder in February 2014. 

As a result of the tragedy, Lorin founded the Breck Foundation, determined that no other family should have to go through the same ordeal. The charity now delivers powerful presentations using Breck’s story as an example; last year it reached more than 20,000 students, 4,000 parents and 7,000 safeguarding professionals.

Lorin believes that had her son seen the kind of talk that the foundation now presents to schools, he would still be alive today.

You can learn more about The Breck Foundation here.


Warlingham Events

Despite the name, Warlingham Events don't actually organise events! Instead they are a group of life long committed volunteers and fundraisers, who spend an incredibly large amount of their time on helping various projects and other peoples events around Warlingham.

These projects such as Blanchmans nature reserve add a huge amount to the diversity of Warlingham. Not only that, they are also at our very own Fireworks Event, and once again helping out with what this fantastic event has grown into, and we wouldn't want it any other way!